Botox & Your Self Esteem

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I've had migraines for as long as I can remember. A few years back, before I got pregnant, my doctor suggested Botox. Apparently, it's a popular form of migraine treatment. As my doc put it, "It's great! Your headaches will go away and you'll look better!" I was hesitant to do the treatment. Like most people, I can list the things about my body I'd like to improve, but my wrinkles weren't one of them. I believe there's a dignity to aging, that smile lines are beautiful. But my doctor explained that with migraines as frequent as mine, Botox was the best solution. And he was right. The headaches got better.

Then I got pregnant. That put a hold on the Botox treatment for a while, both during my pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding. Suddenly I was hyper aware of the lines on my face, almost embarrassed by them. When I finished breastfeeding, I returned to the doctor, who once again prescribed Botox. And once again he said I'd feel better, and look better as a bonus.

This time I looked forward to the magical way my age lines would vanish from my face. But, guess what?... I suddenly found myself self conscious about how few lines my face had. I was worried I looked unnatural, or like I was trying too hard to stay young. And at the same time, I was still worried about my wrinkles coming back. 

The takeaway? Botox or plastic surgery doesn't fix our self esteem. That has to come from within. For me, talking (and posting) about it helps. There will always be things we want to make better. And I'm not suggesting that Botox or plastic surgery are bad. I just think that it's important to know what you're seeking within when getting those treatments. Or you may end up disappointed.

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